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IRP Apportioned Registration

IRP Apportioned Registration is known as the International Registration Plan. If you plan to run Interstate & cross STATE LINES you will need a IRP Apportioned plate. Express issues plates in office and can obtain your IRP Apportioned Registration and plate in 24Hours.

California Local Registration

California Local Registration can be obtained in our office. You may choose to register your vehicle Partial Year or Full year the option is yours.

Truck Operating Permits & Licensing

Providing all required Motor Carrier Permits including the following - USDOT, CA Number, EPN Pull Notice, MCP Permit, MC Number, BOC-3, UCR, IFTA, 2290 Road Tax, New Mexico Permit, New York HUT Permit, Kentucky Permit, Oregon Permit & Bond, Prepass, Ports & Rail Permitting & more.

Corporation’s & DBA Business Name

Corporations, LLC & DBA'S services are provided in our office as well as TAX (EIN) services.

PTI Trailer Registration

We can assist with instant PTI Trailer plates, flatbed, reefer, van & more!

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

ELD Electronic Logging Device will help you accurately calculate your mileage and gallons. We can assist with your registry and on-site tech can come to your lot, home, for proper Installation.


Express Registration Services LLC
Fontana, California

Express Registration Services offers it's clients a full service vehicle licensing, interstate operating authority and apportioned registration acting on behalf of Finance Institutes, Dealerships, Private Companies, Owner-Operators, Fleet Managers & Individuals. With over 18 years of combined experience our knowledgeable and motivated team work together to meet your personal and specific business needs. Here at Express Registration Services we know that time is of essence we push daily to get your needs through in the quickest way possible. Our customers and business partners come first, we can assure you quality service and SUPPORT.

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Why Choose Express?

Accuracy & Expediency

Accuracy & Expediency

Our knowledge & experience allows us to complete transaction's in a accurate expedient manner.
Customer Service

Customer Service

We strive for excellent customer service our motivated staff are here everyday to answer your questions.
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Continuously providing affordable pricing to our clients, we make it possible to operate under your own authority and obtain your registration for a unbeatable price.
No waiting time

No waiting time

Self-Issue IRP Plates, California Local Plates, PTI Trailer Plates in our office which means faster turn around time for you.

Our #1 Priority is Our

customer satisfaction


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you choose to run California Local or IRP Apportioned 48States. Express Registration can obtain your plate/registration in 24-48hours.

Express Registration is known for it’s competitive pricing, we currently have the best pricing in our local community and surrounding areas.

Yes, we offer IFTA Quarterly filing for each quarter through out the year as well as IFTA Reporting for New Mexico, Kentucky, and New York.

Yes, on-site Vehicle Verification’s provided.

Preguntas más frecuentes

Si decide ejecutar California local o IRP Apportioned 48 Estados. La cabina de registro exprés obtiene su plato en cualquier lugar de 24-48hours.

Tenemos precios asequibles que vencimos a nuestros competidores en un 70%.

Sí, podemos presentar sus informes trimestrales de IFTA a lo largo del año.

Sí, tenemos licencia con el estado de CA y podemos proporcionarle una verificación del vehículo.

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